Tips for Hiring a Skip Bin

Type of Waste

The first thing you should consider before ringing around to hire a skip bin is the type of waste you have for disposal. We will accommodate most types of waste. Here are some of the most common types of waste in our skip bins:

  • LIGHT GENERAL WASTE: This includes odds and ends, light furniture materials and general rubbish.
  • GREENS / GARDEN WASTE: For example: garden clippings or other plant-related garden waste.
  • CLEAN FILL: Sometimes known as virgin excavated natural material such as yellow sand or general backyard soil. Clean fill is sand or soil that is NOT contaminated with chemicals or process residues.
  • HEAVY MIXED WASTE: Heavy weight waste such as metals and other heavy/bulky waste.
  • ASBESTOS: There are health risks associated with the handling of asbestos-containing materials. Please contact us before ordering a skip bin for asbestos disposal.

How Much Waste?

The next consideration is to estimate the amount of waste you have for disposal. This will, in turn, help you decide the size and the number of skip bins you need. We require adequate space to place our skip bins and ease of access for our delivery truck. Please allow ample space for our vehicle to drive through. Safety is our top priority; if an area is deemed unsafe to drop off a skip bin, we will get in touch with you to discuss your options.

Time Required

Once you’ve determined the type of waste for disposal and estimated the amount of rubbish you have, the final step is to calculate the time required to do the work safely. We offer both short and long term hire term bin hire. We usually provide a 4 day or 7 day hire option. If you need to retain our bin for more than one week, please contact us.

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